Building Value with SOcial and Environmental Gains
American Acquisition Opportunity Inc. is a special purpose acquisition company (SPAC) focused on creating environmental, social and shareholder value from physical land assets. Our strategy is to identify and complete business combinations with companies whose current business is further complemented by our management team’s experience and board’s values.

Our investment thesis will enable us to further expand our team's ESG track record of upcycling communities and land to create sustainable value for our stakeholders. ESG related investments are forecasted to be the number one focus for fund managers over the next three years, which is at the heart of our teams expertise.
"American Acquisition Opportunity has the ability to drive real value for all of our stakeholders. The need to upcycle physical land to meet the needs of a modern world has never been more present. Having advised or invested on over $750 million of transactions in our career gives us the ability and knowledge on how to structure and close transactions in an accretive process."
mark c. jensen
chairman of the board
our process
AMAO is lead by a team who has a combined 100+ years of experience in entrepreneurial environments. As a leadership team they bring decades of expertise in mergers & acquisitions, financings, restructuring, land management, business expansion and relationships to American Acquisition Opportunity Inc.
Company Overview